If you’re looking for a self service laundromat that does not require a large investment of your time, why not consider big clean laundromat Austin. Our business is often run by one person and, if placed in 2 locations for you to easily access.  can generate a decent income for the owner. In addition, the owner can add extra services to their laundromat in the future, which can increase their revenue.

No Service Laundromats

Some self-service laundromats offer no services at all. The building is opened at a specific time and no one is there to assist the people using the service. These laundromats are often monitored by a security service to ensure no one damages the machines.

While these type of self-service laundromats have low operating costs, there are many risks associated with this type of operation, including accidents. Also, some you might not feel comfortable going to a laundromat that does not have an attendant, in case something goes wrong.

Minimal Service Laundromats

This is probably the most common type of laundromat. Often the laundromat has one attendant on duty. That person is there to ensure the business runs properly. They help people make change, sell laundry supplies, watch unattended machines to ensure people’s clothes are not stolen and assist customers when needed.

These attendants would open and close the laundromat building, sweep the floors, clean up spills that occur while the business is open and perform basic maintenance tasks on the machines. By hiring an attendant, a laundromat owner can ensure their machines and business run smoothly.

Full-Service Laundromats

A full-service laundromat has a self-service laundry area. However, they also allow people to drop off their clothes to be washed. This type of laundromat may have several attendants, who wash, dry and fold clothes for customers.

Some full-service laundromats add in additional services like dry-cleaning or shoe repair. These add-on services require a skilled worker, so a laundromat owner would need to assess the demand for these services before investing in the equipment and supplies needed for these services.

The main benefit of opening a self-service laundromat is that a person would start with a no-service laundromat and allow the business to grow into a full-service laundromat over time. This can allow the business owner to assess the profitability of the location before making a significant investment in their business.


The most successful self-service laundromats hire at least one attendant. The attendants duties may vary depending on the type of laundromat, but generally, they are there to assist the customers and maintain the facility.

A good laundromat attendant will keep the laundromat clean and get to know the customers. An attendant can sell you products such as individually sized laundry soap, fabric softener and other laundry products.

An attendant can save you money by ensuring your machines are properly maintained, cleaning filters and ensuring customers don’t overstuff the machines. They can also monitor customers to ensure they do not cause damage to the machines or your laundry goods.

Additional Services

One of the benefits of a self-service laundromat is that you can use free wifi, watch big screen tv, complimentary coffee and friendly attendants.

As you see there are many benefits that come from using  a self service laundromat in Austin. We hope to see you in our laundromat soon