It won’t be wrong to say that washateria are dime a dozen. You can find dozens of washateria in your area by searching on your favorite search engine. However, there are several important factors one should consider in order to choose the best washateria. This compact guide focuses on the most important factors you need to take into account in order to choose the right washateria in Austin. Austin is the capital of the U.S. state of Texas. (Source)

Choosing the Best Washateria

Frequent Cleaning

Austin Texas

Austin Texas

Opening a washateria is one of the most recommended ways for business owners to build a passive income stream. However, not every businessman has the insight to run a great washateria by providing the required services. This is the reason, many washateria have a lot of dirt in all places as the owners are apathetic and do not care for the needs of their customers. However, you do not need to spend your money in such washaterias.

You should check out a number of different washaterias in your area and choose one that is cleaned frequently. If you washateria is cleaned frequently, it means that the washateria owner cares about their customers and you’re likely to get good service in all departments. In simple terms, it means that you will find clean washing machines as well as clean dryers and it’s less likely that you will find some new stains or spots on your clean clothes. Also, your clothes are likely to be free of any funky odors.

A clean washateria will also have clean folding areas. Without any clean folding areas, you won’t be able to fold your clothes. After all, nobody wants to fold their fresh clothes on a dirty surface. One of the other reasons you need to pay attention to cleanliness of the washateria is that spills on the floor can create dangerous conditions for you as well as your kids. On the other hand, a clean washateria means that you get to wash your clothes in a clean machine but you will also have an overall pleasant experience.

Well Maintained

A clean washateria is also likely to be well maintained but there are some unscrupulous owners who try to take their customers for a ride by providing a clean environment without investing the necessary money in maintenance of the washers and dryers. You won’t be happy with broken machines in a clean washateria.

Most people like to do several loads at the same time and if the washateria is full of broken machines, you will have to spend a lot more time than necessary. Therefore, you need to choose a washateria that keeps all the machines in great shape and well-maintained.

Types of Machines

Ideally, your chosen washateria should have a number of high quality modern washing machines. Ancient machines may not be able to clean the clothes to your satisfaction. Also, all dryers won’t be able to dry your clothes to your satisfaction. It is also recommended to choose a washateria where they have a number of washers of different sizes. There will be times when you would want to put in only a small wash load but at other times, you would want to put in a bigger load or bulky items that need a big washer.

Most professional and well-meaning washateria owners provide their customers with big industrial strength washing machines in order to make it easy for their customers to wash bigger items such as bathroom rugs, dog beds, curtains, bedspreads and coats among other things. Many people who have a washer and dryer at home also visit a washateria in order to wash these big items. You do not want to visit several washaterias in order to wash all the clothing items. So, make sure the washateria you choose has machines in many different sizes to allow you to complete all the washing in a single location.

Open at All Times

Well-meaning washateria owners understand that customers need flexibility as and they should be allowed to wash their clothes at any time. This is the reason the best washaterias are open 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Some people prefer to do their laundry in the evenings whereas others only have time in the mornings.

If you do not have a fixed working schedule, you may want to visit a washateria in the morning in order to do the washing but if it’s not open in the morning, you will have to search for a new place. In fact, one of the most common complaints of washateria users is that they have limited hours.


Washateria Machines

Change Machine

Needless to say, everyone does not carry enough change to wash all their clothes at the washateria. You want to choose a washateria that keeps a well-stocked change machine to allow you to get all the required change right at the washateria. If change isn’t easily available, you will have to leave the laundry unattended and you do not want to do that. There may be times when you can carry enough change to wash all the clothes but may not have enough coins remaining to use the drier machines. Therefore, make sure the washateria has a fully stocked change machine before you take your business there.

Enough Folding Tables

If you do not fold your clothes right away as they come out of the dryer, your clothes will have plenty of wrinkles and you do not want too many wrinkles on your clothes. This is the reason, the best washaterias offer plenty of folding tables to allow customers to fold their clothes right away.

It is also one of the most overlooked factors while picking a washateria. Therefore, make sure the washateria you have chosen has enough folding tables to allow you to fold your clothes right after they come out of the dryer.

Makes You Comfortable

Professional washateria owners ensure that their customers have comfortable places to sit and wait. After all, you are going to spend a lot of time in the washateria when you are doing multiple loads. Therefore, you need a comfortable place to sit and wait around. Make sure there’s enough space for you to walk around.

Another important factor you need to keep in mind is the availability of ample parking at the washateria. Since good washaterias get busy quickly, you want to make sure that there is ample parking space available near the door to allow you to easily carry all the clothes once you’re done.


You should make sure the washateria is located at a safe location. You do not want to worry excessively, especially if you like to do your laundry at night. So, make sure the washateria has good lighting in the parking lot and there aren’t any shady characters hanging around the washateria.

Reasonable Prices

While the prices generally do not vary too much, you do get what you pay for. So, be prepared to pay a little extra for a clean and well-maintained washateria with ample parking space and lots of high-quality machines.

Overall, these are some of the important factors you need to consider to choose the right washateria. Sometimes, choosing the right washateria is not enough and you also need to learn how to use a washateria in the proper manner. So, follow the tips mentioned below in order to make the most of your washateria.

Tips for Using a Washateria

Many people make the mistake of leaving the laundry too long in the machine after a cycle is done. The best way to ensure that your laundry does not remain too long in the machine is to use a phone reminder or a timer.

Another important thing you need to keep in mind is that even if the washateria business owner takes great care to keep their machines clean, sometimes, a machine may not be completely clean. Therefore, it is recommended to carry a soaped up towel with you and use it to wipe down the inside and top of the washer in order to make sure that the machine is completely clean. This will ensure that your clothes won’t get dirty when you take them out of the washer.

Another common problem faced by many novice washateria users is that they put their load of clothes in a machine that had bleach in the last load. To avoid it, you just need to smell and make sure there is no bleach. In case you discover bleach, you should run whites first instead of the darks.

One of the best ways to keep mildew and mold away from your towels is to add half a teaspoon of tea tree oil to the washing machine. It will stop the mildew from infecting your clothes, especially your towels.

As far as choosing a detergent is concerned, some people end up using too much detergent which not only affects the quality of washing but also the life of your clothes. One of the ways to avoid using too much detergent is to use detergent pods. These may seem expensive but end up saving a lot more money in the long run if you are not sure how much detergent to use for your load of clothes.

It is recommended to invest in big mesh bags to carry your laundry. The biggest advantage of these mesh bags is that they can hold an entire load and do not take too much storage space. You should also separate the loads before you step foot in the washateria in order to save time while you are at the washateria.

It is also recommended to do all your stain pre-treatments before you step foot in the washateria. It means that you will have to carry less with you and you will have to carry only your laundry, detergent and dryer sheets. Do not forget to check the setting on the machine as someone who did laundry right before you might have changed the settings. So, make sure to check all the setting every time you wash.

You should also carry a big black garbage bag with you every time you go to a washateria, especially if you live in an area where it rains frequently. It will allow you to carry your freshly dried clothes into your car even when it’s pouring outside.


While it is important to choose the right washateria, it’s more important to follow the above mentioned tips to use the washateria in the right manner. So, keep the above mentioned tips in mind and make the most of your trip to the best washateria.