Most of us have gone to a regular laundromat that is in our city. This could be because our washer and dryer at home are not functioning, or you may have never had one to begin with. You may have spent many hours at these facilities washing your clothes, and activity that is very common. However, there are other laundromats, specifically those that deal with commercial laundry, which is very different from the typical linens. Here is a brief overview of what is commercial laundry, and how it differs so greatly from laundry that we wash every day.

What Is Commercial Laundry?

Commercial laundry can sometimes fall under the category of industrial or institutional laundry. This type of laundry is typically originating from places of business. For example, hospitals, hotels, prisons, universities, and nursing homes are examples of where these types of linens can come from. They are specifically made to represent the company of the workers that will wear these uniforms.

There are businesses that specialize in only washing this type of laundry using specific detergents that may be necessary to get out certain types of stains. Additionally, this laundry may include table cloths, bed linens, and a multitude of other items such as towels and bedspreads. Anything that is related to a business where the laundry must be done is representative of commercial laundry.

How To Save Money When Doing Commercial Laundry

If you want to save money doing this type of laundry, you will have to invest in machines that are actually capable of cleaning everything appropriately with a limited amount of water. If you think about it, commercial laundry can contribute to a substantial amount of water waste, and then there are the chemicals that are used to clean the linens. Many of the machines that are used for commercial or industrial businesses are state-of-the-art, capable of managing the amount of water that is used very efficiently.

Additionally, they are designed in a way to get clothing much more clean using a limited amount of detergent. Many of these businesses have actually gone green, using only recyclable water and detergents that are biodegradable. As companies begin to expand in size, and as businesses become more conscientious about what we do to our environment, these machines will continue to be improved over time.

Where You Find A Commercial Laundry Facility?

Finding one of these facilities is not that hard to do in a major city. Metropolitan areas have thousands of businesses that use these services daily. If you are in a small community, there will likely be one or two of these companies, but on a much smaller scale. In fact, smaller towns typically use their own machines that they will purchase. This can save them a substantial amount of time and money. Instead of having to drive everything into a major city to have everything cleaned, they can simply have an employee do all of the laundry using these commercial washing genes.

How To Save Money When Washing Your Commercial Linens

if your goal is to save money on all of the clothing that you are going to be washing for your business, there are a couple of things you can do. First of all, try to invest in laundry equipment that is state-of-the-art. This means that will be large enough to do enormous amounts of clothing, helping to save on water. Additionally, they should be designed to agitate the clothing to remove particulate matter in a much more efficient manner.

This can help speed up the process of washing everything, and if you are using efficient biodegradable detergent, this can also be a cost saving feature. Those that choose to invest in these machines can typically save tens of thousands of dollars every year, or even every month, by cleaning the commercial linens themselves.

How To Find The Cheapest Commercial Laundry Facilities

On the other hand, if you are interested in only working with a business that can do this for you, you can also find affordable businesses. For example, you may be able to find several companies in your city that have comparable rates for washing commercial clothing. You may actually want to work with a company that will pick everything up for you. This is what many people are doing. Everything will be picked up, washed, and brought back to your company in order to save you time.

When you compare the amount of time that you will have to spend washing the clothing, or the cost of hiring additional employees to do this job, it’s probably going to save you money and you will get excellent service. Best of all, they will have the best machines available, and use detergents that will clean everything efficiently, allowing you to save money and also do your best for the environment.

Should You Have This Done Out Of Town?

One other option you need to consider is bringing everything to a different city. This tends to work if you are in a larger study with suburbs. For example, you might drive through several different cities without even knowing it, yet a few of them will have these commercial laundry facility ready to use. Try to find the ones that are willing to drive to your location without charging you too much, and will have a reasonable cost for cleaning your commercial linens. This will save you time, money, and you will never have to worry about getting tough stains out ever again.

How To Find These Companies Quickly

When you do a search for what is commercial laundry, you will likely find advertisements for these businesses that are using the search engines to advertise. You may also find organic listings, and local listings, some of which will be very promising. Reviews are typically done for many of these companies. You can find these on independent websites, or if you are using Google’s look at how they are rated on the local listings. This is going to save you a lot of time looking for these different companies, and once you have made the calls, you will know which one will offer you the best deal.

Should You Always Use The Company That Will Save You Money?

You shouldn’t have to use a company that is the cheapest unless you are on a very tight budget. It’s actually better to use a business that is charging a reasonable price, but offers the best services. Those that charge a little bit more are typically environmentally friendly they may have upgraded all of their equipment recently, and they are using biodegradable detergent which can cost a little bit more.

If your goal is to work with a company that is environmentally oriented, or if you only want to work with businesses that are using the latest equipment, you will likely pay a little bit more. In most cases, this does not mean that you are going to hire the most expensive company. They will simply charge more than those that are the least expensive. With this additional cost, you can feel confident that your clothing will be done promptly, and everything will be properly cleaned, using these commercial laundry facilities near you.

What If You Can Invest Into This Equipment?

If you have the capital to invest into this equipment, then this is something you should definitely consider doing. You also need to have space at your business to place all of the washers and dryers. You may also have to hire someone else to manage all of the laundry that is produced regularly. Once you have a quote on how much this will cost, you will need to compare that with the cost of paying a service to do this for you over the next 5 to 10 years and see if there is a cost savings. Businesses that simply like to have full control of every aspect of their company will decide to invest at some point. However, those that are simply looking to free up more of their time, and also save as much money as possible, will likely work with a commercial laundry business.

How Do You Find Commercial Laundry Machines For Less?

Assuming that you would like to invest in this type of equipment, there are many manufacturers that produce commercial laundry machines that are inexpensive. It is so important to purchase machines that have a good rating, and that are preferably energy and water efficient. The less energy they use, the more money you are going to save throughout the year on your utility bill.

Additionally, they should also work with biodegradable detergent which means they will be designed to agitate the clothing much more efficiently to get the stains out with less water. These machines can be costly, costing tens of thousands of dollars, but over the course of several years they will pay for themselves. The only thing you have to factor in his how much the extra cost of labor will be, and the cost of the gas or electric bill that will definitely be increased as you are operating this equipment.

Why Is Commercial Laundry So Different From Regular Laundry?

There are two main reasons why commercial laundry is different from all of the clothes that you may have at your house. First of all, they are made of very different materials. They can be more difficult to clean, and that’s why you will need to invest in a commercial washing machine, or work with a company that has the latest ones available. Second, new laundry tends to bleed more because it has not been washed very many times. Often primary colors are used in the manufacturing of this clothing, and depending upon the manufacturer, it may believe very easily.

This is why you need to have machines that can operate with warm or cold water so as to prevent this from happening. You could end up costing yourself more money as you are replacing all of the uniforms that now have multiple colors. Those of the primary differences between commercial and regular laundry that you should consider before you invest in this type of equipment. If you are going to hire a company to do this for you, then this is something that you will never have to worry about.

In conclusion, if you have a business where you are constantly washing commercial laundry, you now know whether to choose to work with the service, or simply by your own equipment. It’s also helpful to know what is commercial laundry, and the different types of detergent you can use when you are trying to get your clothing as clean as possible. To avoid all of that, simply start looking for businesses that will pick up your linens, clean them, and drop them off. This may cost more money, but it’s going to simplify the entire process of making sure that your workers have clean uniforms on a consistent basis.