There was a time that owning your own washing machine was a good idea and for many households that cater to the fabrics of a several people it probably still is. A home washing machine and dryer allows you the convenience of addressing these important needs at personal convenience.

But for many people taking care of the washing is simply inconvenient. Today’s competitive markets and industries require the most ambitious and successful to shave crucial minutes off their daily affairs and addressing the washing is one of the first to be delegated to a rising and passionate industry of entrepreneurs.

History of the Laundry Service

Since the time of the ancient Romans those with coin to spend on freeing up time would employ washers to take their washing to the river or local washeries for cleansing. Even though the tools and chemical agents applied to this task have evolved greatly over the past millennia, the point is practically identical.

The commercially driven generation of today is simply placing a greater importance on this age-old service.

Consider the problem. Today’s professionals work on a fast-paced schedule and tighter budgets than we have ever known. Hardly any of them has the inclination to invest in suitable washing equipment for themselves and wouldn’t even if their budgets allowed for these investments.

Many of these professionals even have access to communal laundromats, but the time it would take to keep their 3 to 6 business suits clean and pressed on time for the next big meeting can be better spent making preparations to blow the competition out of the water.

What they need is some sort of fairy godmother who can show up on-sit to collect the clothes that need washing, address the very specific needs of the clothes as if they were their own private property, keep excellent organizational skills and have their clothes back to their doorstep when they need it.

The solution has been a booming industry of dry-cleaning pickup and delivery services and the market is getting bigger by the minute.

Entrepreneurs with above average skills in organization have been producing an enticing array of services that suit the need of the large professional and well-funded demographic. The modern laundry pickup and delivery service will make scheduled rounds at the convenience of their clients and pick up their washing.

This means coordinating the processing of hundreds and possibly thousands of clients on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Attention to detail is crucial to avoid damaging fabrics and ensuring that every item of clothing makes its way back to its rightful owner.

If you have a head for figures and are looking for a budding industry that needs more and more operators this could be a brilliant opportunity. You will also need excellent customer service and marketing skills as well as logistical techniques that can improve the efficiency of your operations.

What to Look for in an Outstanding Laundry Pickup and Delivery Service?

If you are like the vast majority of people in the market for laundry service, you are not thinking of providing but benefitting from these essential services. The specific advantages of working with a first-rate laundry pickup and delivery service should speak for themselves.

In addition to saving the time and money on picking up the proper cleaning agents and equipment and engaging in this chore regularly, having your washing handled by professionals has other advantages. All you will have to do is set your laundry outside your door and in an agreed upon amount of time it will be returned properly washed folded and smelling terrific.

Nevertheless, if you hope to gain the advantages of a premier laundry service you will want to work with the best, following are some of the hallmarks of a reputable laundry pickup and delivery services. Keep these in mind when choosing a company to handle this intimate service.

Time Factor

The most important consideration that will make the service advantageous will be timely deliveries. If you will be relying on this service to keep you looking your best you don’t want them to be closed or unavailable ten minutes before you have to leave for work and need that last suit.

Quality Guarantee

Your laundry service will not be able to perform miracles. Even though you will be placing your fabric in the hands of professionals, sometimes it is just not possible to remove red wine or spaghetti drips from a white shirt. You should expect that your laundry service thas the skills and know how to return your clothes in better conditions than if you had handled them yourself, otherwise they are pretty unprofessional laundry service.

Scheduling Options

Be sure to find a service that can promise a suitable schedule for your pickups and deliveries. Most ideal services are available 24/7 but not having full time service is not a bad sign, per se. Be sure to find out what their operating schedule is for weekends, holidays and emergency projects. Can you agree to a weekly or biweekly arrangement? What about extra-large loads that can arise all of a sudden? You can even ask if they handle mending services as well. While not every laundry pickup and delivery services offers mending services many of them outsource this task to their professional colleagues.

You will find that the services that are most flexible with your requests will provide you with the best advantages over time.

Processing Customization

People have specific needs and requests for the way their clothes are handles. Maybe you want a special detergent used due to allergic reactions, or maybe you want your clothes air dried rather than placed in a drier. Maybe you want your whites washed this way and your towels in another. Whatever the specifics of your request you should expect your laundry service to handle your needs.

Cost Concerns

For most people, the costs of this service will be very important to maintaining a balanced budget. Rates for laundry pickup and delivery services vary greatly depending on the city or country in question, the best way to find the service that best suits your budget is by making a phone call.

On this note, don’t allow cost factors to govern your decision here, the most expensive service may not be the best and the most economical service may suit your needs precisely. Make sure you choose a laundry service by the compatibility they have with your specific needs.

Privacy Considerations

The dirty laundry you have is always a private matter and you will want to seek out the laundry service that understands and practices discretion. Although it is unrealistic to assume you will get a private washing service apart from all other clothing items, a respect for privacy is a basic courtesy, this means your laundry and details of your laundry will not be aired in public. Never forget to treat your laundry service with the respect you hope to gain from them.

Working with International Laundry Pickup and Delivery Services

As mentioned, there has been an increase in the number of laundry services being opened up each year on an international scale. Many will be needing these services while visiting other countries abroad on business or any extended trip. This is important to those who are not used to operating with laundry services and is removed from their personal equipment for some time.

Following are some common myths about working with laundry services around the world that should apply to all your dealings with a pickup and delivery laundry service.

1. Laundry Services are on call 24/7 for whatever you need.

Many people sign on with a laundry pickup and delivery service and assume they are on call at any moment of the day for any need that arises.  The fact is, many of these operations run a tight schedule of pickups and deliveries that leave them little time for anything but this. The convenience they provide to their customers comes from this precision scheduling and this must be appreciated by the client.

If you think you will be needing additional services or emergency fabric care, be sure you inquire about these additional services early in the initial consultations. This will avoid future disruptions to your professional relationship.

2. Dry Cleaning that Includes Pickup and Delivery is very costly.

The fact is, having your laundry collected and washed by a professional service will not cost you anything anything more than you would have to pay for this important process anyway. As a matter of fact. Many of the laundromats that offer this service don’t even charge extra for pickups and deliveries, although this varied depending on the location.

3. Because of the large amounts of laundry being processed, quality is not priority.

One of the most common reasons that a person will continue to handle their washing themselves, is because they assume that these large operations lack the attention to detail to perform proper work. Actually, the vast majority of these businesses are equipped with state of the art equipment and have extensive insights into the best choices of cleaning agents and more. If they see any type of specific soil or stain, these professionals will be better suited to address the problem than you or I would.

4. Allowing a Stranger into your home is risky.

This is actually a very true statement. Allowing strangers to enter your home is a bad sign and indicative of shady services. Your reputable laundry service should pick up and drop off clothes at the door. Furthermore, you should get a chance to inquire about the delivery person who will be handling your pickups and get to know them before you allow them into your home. If you are working with a leading laundry business, there should be no problem.

6. Selecting the best laundry service provider is a complicated task.

The process of selecting the best laundry service for you and your needs can actually be very simple. Many people have issues with their laundry service simply because they don’t conduct a proper investigation into their services before they sign on with them.

If you have read the important considerations for selecting the best laundry service for you, earlier in the article, you will have a better idea of where to begin. Make a list of what you will be needing most regularly and what will be occasional washings. If you know what you need from the laundry pickup and delivery service, you have a better chance of finding the correct match.