Have ever given someone a hug and been surprised about how good they smell? It could be the perfume they use or it could be their clothes? Many fabrics have the ability to absorb and hold scents for a long time. Therefore, instead of spending a great deal on expensive perfumes, there is another way you can smell pleasant and that is by making your laundry smell good.

Tips to Make Your Laundry Smell Good

If you wash your clothes the right away keeping the following tips in mind, you can make your laundry smell good and when you get a hug from someone, they will be pleasantly surprised by the beautiful scent from your clothes.

Tip#1- Clean Your Washer and Dryer

To make your laundry smell beautiful, you must also clean your washer with a good quality cleaner and run it through a hot water cycle. Then clean and wipe the washer with a damp washcloth. To avoid any mildew growth. Keep the lid of the washer open for the air to pass. Big Clean always regularly cleans all of our washers & dryers thoroughly so you can rest assured our equipment is top notch.

Tip#2-Separate Heavily Soiled Clothes and Wash Them in Small Loads

Many people tend to wash all the clothes together. Overloading the washer, does not give enough space to the washer to adequately clean the clothes. To avoid this, it is advised to first separate heavily soiled clothes and then wash them in small batches to ensure there is enough space in the washer.

Tip#3- Pre-treat Visible Stains and Wash Heavily Soiled Clothing in Hot Water

Always pre-treat stains with special gels or sprays that are designed to remove odor and prevent discoloration. Then wash the clothes in hot water. Hot water helps kill odor causing bacteria and makes the detergent form a stronger lather which is great for effective cleaning.

Tip#4- Choose a Detergent with an Odor Killing Additive

Always invest in a high quality detergent that is specially formulated for tough odors.

Tip#5- Place Clean Clothes in the Dryer

Once the clothes are washed, place them in the dryer immediately. Keeping the clothes in the washer after you’ve done washing them is a big NO NO! This develops odor in the clothes which is really hard to get rid off!

If you do your laundry at a communal laundry service in Austin, then it would be really difficult for you to wash your clothes in small batches and follow all the tips. As the queues are long with so many people waiting for their turn, naturally you can’t do your laundry peacefully. You would always be in a hurry to get it done and overload the washer.

Therefore, to enjoy a hassle free laundry experience, it’s best to do your laundry at Big Clean. Big Clean is a premium laundry service in Austin that offers a relaxing environment, where you can wash and dry your clothes peacefully without any stress from the people standing in the queue. Big Clean has state of the art equipment like quality washers, dryers and laundromat in Austin, TX. You can take your time to do your laundry and follow all the tips discussed above to make your clothes smell good.