Prevent Fading of Dark Clothing

Sort clothing carefully.

Never wash light colored clothing with dark items. Lint from cotton items will often adhere to dark items making them look “fuzzy”.

Choose the right temperature.

Use the coolest water temperature possible when washing dark clothing.

Choose the right detergent.

Use a detergent formulated for dark colors. Several national brands – Cheer, Woolite, Tide – offer special, milder detergents for dark colors. If you don’t have one available, use the least amount of detergent feasible for

cleaning your clothes.If you must pretreat a stain, test it first in an inconspicuous spot to ensure there is no fading.

Select the right washing cycle.

Unless your dark clothing is heavily caked with dirt, select a gentle cycle with the least amount of agitation to prevent damage to fibers. Hand washing is always a good option for delicate dark items.

Load the washing machine correctly.

Turn dark colored garments inside out before washing. This will prevent fiber finishes from becoming damaged and showing frayed ends and attracting lint.

Avoid the sun.

Drying in direct sunlight can bleach fabrics. Use an automatic dryer or indirect light.